“Sometimes love’s just too much” | The 4 Hardest People Lessons to Take With You In 2022

Love is a battlefield, there are just days when life is way too much to handle. 

Nevertheless, most times, we’re not really left with a choice. Here are 4 very important people lessons to take with you as 2022 inches to its end. Check them out.

1. People will come and go


Whether you like it or not, not everyone is meant to stay. Some come to you at a time in your life when you need them, and when it’s their time to go, they walk out the door. 

2. Some people come to teach you to let go


Sometimes the purpose of some, is to give you lessons along the way. For one, the art of letting go, even when in that moment everything could feel sort of impossible. 

3. Appreciate those who show up


We stare at the doors which are closed, or those which only open when it’s convenient to them, we forget about the doors which are forever open. Love those who know what you’re worth. 

4. Maybe it’s the memories, not the person


Do not go back to those who broke you. Lonely as you may be, nostalgic as you may feel, learn the difference between missing someone, and missing the way they once made you feel.  

Love can be hard, but with acceptance and knowing better, it can help soften the blow. 

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